April 2, 2009

Last Meals

My brother-in-law sent this link that he had found...basically, it shows what the final meal requests were for Texas' death-row inmates. I think you will find it, just as I did, somewhat interesting. For the most part, these men and women (who said Texas discriminated against women?) ate a LOT. I mean, I guess I can understand why I would request a lot of food but it got me to thinking, harder than I really should have, about why each one picked what they did. Honestly, I just thought about this whole subject WAY too much, as you're about to find out. Ha!

Some inmates didn't want anything and others just wanted what "the rest of the inmates are having" or "whatever is on the menu." That sounds really diplomatic and on one hand, I applaud them for not milking the taxpayers for anything extra...but then I think, "DUDE! They are about to implode your heart with medications, the least you should get out of it is a good dinner." I digress...

Those that didn't want anything, do you think it's because they really weren't very hungry or that maybe they didn't have much of an appetite, considering the circumstances? I wondered if I would have an appetite in their shoes and determined...anyone who knows me, knows I rarely do NOT have an appetite, so I'd probably want anything and everything I could think of and all of it covered in gravy with a side-stick of butter.

***Side-note: I'd also request, like many of them, a pack or so of cigarettes because a smoke is never as good as right after you stuff yourself full of food and right before you lay down to sleep...kinda kills two birds with one stone, don't ya think? What really would piss me off (and made me feel BAD for even these capital offenders) would be to find out, like they all did, that smokes are against policy and they couldn't have even one, much less a pack. Come ON! Again, the least they could do is take you out on the roof one last time and let you enjoy a cigarette under the stars/sun/whatever. I don't know...just seems like they could bend the rules for a final request, is all. Plus, they get to see the wonderful "outside" world that they pissed away in one instant however long ago...really rub their noses in it too. The guard who takes them out there could whip out pictures of some hot chick and talk about how he's going to go bang the hell out of her tonight and drink a 6-pack of beer to try and get rid of that "dead" smell that will linger in his nose for hours later on.***

So, is this what some of these other guys were thinking too? To order as much as possible so they could have a taste of many different "favorites" before passing on? Or, were they just hoping to order enough that it might somehow prolong the inevitable? LOL I mean, some of these guys ordered whole fried chickens, 4 pork chops smothered in gravy, two bacon cheeseburgers with all the fixin's, a gallon of milk, a 12-pack of sodas and an apple pie on the side, for pete's sake! Some even more than that, it seems because they also added all of the sides to that, like a tray of fries or two cobs of buttered corn or a pound of cheese. I can eat a whole heckuva lot of food when I'm hungry but even I can't eat all of that crap. And if you happen to follow the link I leave, notice how much of it is junk or fried. Maybe they were hoping their heart would EXPLODE before the Texas Department of Criminal Justice got ahold of their ass! Who knows, really?

Oh yeah...and for further "entertainment," you can also check out each of their crimes. Some of them did some truly heinous acts, which is the reason for my little side jaunt previously.




  1. The link didn't take me anywhere!

  2. The link is fixed now...sorry about that!

  3. Wow, that was depressing. Now I want a fried chicken, a couple diet cokes and twelve slices of buttered bread.


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