February 20, 2009

Headed to Arkansas

We've been kicking around the thought of driving up to Arkansas, so I can visit some family, for quite some time now and now we're finally going to just do it! My mom hasn't met J yet and only saw E one time, when he was only about 4 months old...hell, my Granny has yet to meet EITHER of them and neither have my brothers.

**Speaking of brothers, I just hope they're not all doped-up and running the roads the whole time we're there. I'd like to actually see them this time. They're adults and yes, they control what they do and how they live their lives...doesn't mean I don't still worry about them OR that I have to agree with it. I certainly cannot cast stones, though...as I did plenty of my own partying in the past. I just hope, like me, it's a phase they get through safely.

I digress...so, we've made the reservations for the hotel and car rental (renting so we don't use wear and tear on our OWN cars). We'll be driving up on March 12th, after I get out of class, and driving through the night. We are hopeful that this allows the boys to basically sleep the whole trip away, which will make our lives MUCH easier. We'll drive back on Sunday afternoon or so. Basically, just a couple of days...but honestly, other than my brothers, mom, Granny, and my dads (the father and the dad who raised me)...I don't really care who I see, so it should be plenty of time. I will see a few old friends, yes, so that will be good too. My point is, all I need of Arkansas can be handled in a couple/few days. Anymore than that, and I get VERY bored with it and yearn for my city-life back. Besides, it seems everyone up there seems to be meth-ed out and I don't like being around it. I CERTAINLY don't want to expose my children to that mess before their due time. Seriously though, when you can walk into a Wal-Mart at 3:30am and it's half-packed with bug-eyed people, wearing cut-off shorts and muscle-T's and still sweating when it's 35 degrees outside...you've got a problem. Just the fact Wally World is PACKED at that hour is a problem, never mind the distinct aroma of drugs sweating out.

I've already taken that Friday and the following Monday off work...Monday will be a recovery day, if there IS such a thing. Hard to say with two under the age of 2, but we do alright. My Virginia is amazing, with what she deals with and handles on a daily basis. I'm actually GLAD I get to come to work everyday for a few hours. Anyway, I guess that's it for now. More sooner than this post took, I promise...

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