April 20, 2009


OK, so a little while back I posted a blog about the Steady State and Big Bang theories...and how they related to each other, whatever. My wife's brother sent me this link the other day that doesn't really fit into that but it IS about the Universe, and its size, something I'm a total dork about...obviously. I don't even think he reads my blog, he just recognizes my dorkiness and feeds it from time to time. For this, I thank you Matthew!

Anyway, I've tried explaining this to people...Virginia being one...and for many people, it's very hard to wrap our mind around the true scope of the universe. The magnitude is just almost unreal, truly. I admit it gives even a dork like me a headache to think about at times. LOL Of course, that's probably just when I try to think too hard/much. It's also why it always amazes me that people honestly think we are the only intelligent life out there...or those, such as the 18 or 19 or 20 (however many she's spit out at the time of this writing) kids and counting idiots who still believe the world is only 6,000 years old simply because they think "the Bible says so!"


Click on the link to feel really, REALLY small in this world.


  1. This really tripped me out! I really do feel insignificant now. Thanks a fat bunch. hee hee...

  2. That's what I'm here for. You're welcome!

  3. That small picture at the bottom is so cool. It looks fake almost don't you think? It's just too vast to fathom it being real. I was just thinking... "How many people or people eating creatures could be dwelling in that small space??" Super creepy, but cool.

  4. Yes, I often think some of the pictures of far-off galaxies look fake...or wonder if it TRULY is real. It's hard to embrace, that's for sure. Amazing how much SPACE there is. As for people and people-eating creatures...there are many, I'm sure. LOL


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